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At the core of the Student Coin is the Coinpaper, providing unparalleled access to blockchain insights, market news, analysis, and information on emerging projects. As an integral part of the STC ecosystem, Coinpaper offers the necessary tools to navigate the dynamic field of digital assets on a daily basis for both beginners and advanced users. 

Fulfilling an educational mission, STC University was created, a platform offering premium courses delving into web3 development, DeFi strategies, AI, and more. Specially prepared step-by-step educational paths are designed to develop the skills needed to succeed in the fast-growing blockchain industry.

For beginners and enthusiasts, the STC Academy platform has been launched, providing a wealth of high-quality, free educational content designed to build a solid foundation in blockchain technology.

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Learning · Live
  • First version of the Coinpaper Q3 2022
  • Expanding Coinpaper Team Q4 2022
  • Expanding our partner portfolio and integrations Q1 2023
  • Establishing global leadership in Cryptocurrency News Planned


Coinpaper is a one of the fastest growing online magazines, focused on writing about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency news.
Learning · Live
  • First version of the STC University Q3 2023
  • Building Courses about cryptocurrencies Q3 2023
  • Adding new courses to the University platform Planned
  • Establishing partnerships to promote crypto knowledge Planned

STC University

Empowered by $STC, we're pioneering the first decentralized university, revolutionizing access to top-tier qualifications and degrees.
Learning · Live
  • Implementing of the STC Educational Panel Q2 2021
  • Building the community of students involved in project development Q2 2021
  • Adding new sections to the educational panel Completed
  • Launching a new version of the educational panel Completed

STC Academy

Combining the academic background and students' interest globally, we have prepared a comprehensive educational platform, completely free of charge.
Tokenization · Live
  • Launching durning the GULF Blockchain Week Conference Q4 2021
  • Launching the STC Terminal for public Q4 2021
  • Expanding the capabilities and utilities Q1 2022
  • Establishing the STC Terminal as an easy to use tool for tokenization Planned

STC Terminal

The one-stop platform to design, manage, and issue tokens. Thanks to the STC Terminal everyone can create the ERC20 token with many custom features.
Central System · Live
  • Launching the STC Wallet Q2 2021
  • Launching the voting solution Q3 2021
  • Implementing the STC Terminal and STC Wallet integration Planned
  • Launching the trading solution at the STC Wallet Planned

STC Wallet

The STC Wallet allows you to securely store and swap tokens. In the wallet, users can vote, and transfer their assets.
Holders System · Live
  • First community Bonus – Smart Marketing Token Q3 2021
  • First DeFi Token Bonus for the STC Premium Holder – Orion.Money Q1 2022
  • Launching the enhanced STC PHP 2.0 with flexible bonuses Q1 2022
  • Launching the STC PHP v. 3.0 with regular bonuses Planned

Premium Holder Program

Thanks to holding STC Tokens in the STC Wallet, users can get flexible bonuses in STC Tokens.
Governance · Live
  • Implementing the STC DAO Voting Q2 2021
  • First community Voting Q3 2021
  • Launching the custom voting poll solutions Planned
  • Share voting services for projects listed on the STC Wallet Planned

STC DAO Voting

Those who hold STC in the STC Wallet are invited to influence strategic decisions made at Student Coin through voting in polls. The amount of STC Tokens determines the weight of the vote.

Why Student Coin?

STC is a reliable and fundamental project based on academic values.
STC provides the latest and most important crypto news via Coinpaper.
Revolutionizing access to top-tier qualifications and degrees via STC.University.
Community that connects people around the globe.
$STC is the heart of the entire STC ecosystem.
STC provides free educational expertise in economics, finance and new technologies via STC Academy.

Our team and advisors

Wojciech Podobas
Wojciech Podobas
Maja Synowiec
Maja Synowiec
Vice President
Sara Synowiec
Sara Synowiec
Daniel Bihun
Daniel Bihun
Cezary Tabota
Cezary Tabota
Head of Coinpaper
Karolina Michalska
Karolina Michalska
Head of STC University
Jakub Derlukiewicz
Jakub Derlukiewicz
Head of Research & Finance
Artur Puzio
Artur Puzio
Andrzej Kuśmierz
Andrzej Kuśmierz
Advisory Board Chair
Martin Kolago
Martin Kolago
Karolina Marzantowicz
Karolina Marzantowicz
Konrad Zacharzewski
Konrad Zacharzewski
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Student Coin is created not only by the Global Team and Advisors but also by each person who spreads the STC vision and proudly represents our brand worldwide.

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