Educational Panel

Learn about blockchain, crypto assets and the security in the cryptocurrency market.

The educational panel will consist of 25 sections that cover the principles of the incoming blockchain revolution!

The educational panel is updated on the weekly basis.


Part 1

Introduction to Blockchain

In this chapter you will be able to gain general knowledge regarding the blockchain technology.


Blockchain Utilities I

The basic features of this unique innovation are presented here. There are more of them than meets the eye...


Blockchain Utilities II

Some advanced feutures and applications in which blockchain can change the world.



Part 2

Introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies

Fundamental knowledge regarding cryptocurrencies market.

Coming Soon!

Student Coin changes the world

The most essential features and advantages of the 1st students' token

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Cryptography and mining

How does the cryptography work?
Are miners who require enourmous calculating power are the future?

Coming Soon!

Coins and tokens

Some things you might get wrong about them and their differences

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Blockchain-based transactions

Why the blockchain technology will definitely revolutionize (not only) the financial market?

Coming Soon!

Cryptocurrency exchanges

How do the they work?
What are the differences between them?

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Guess the exchange logo

Can you solve this simple quiz and earn some STC?

Coming Soon!

Taxes, law and cryptocurrency economy

Is blockchain a revolution? – certain as death and taxes

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Part 3

Cryptocurrency wallets

You are not the owner of your crypto as long as you are not having your private key.
How does it work and why is it crucial.

Coming Soon!

Safe asset transfers

Tips and tricks regarding use of decentralized world.

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Scams and Frauds

When you are aware of potential threats – it is much easier to avoid them!

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The ultimate security

Can we be fully safe without a centralized organization above? – let's find out!

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Part 4

Test your risk profile

What are the important value of the project?
Which features can be a red flag?

Coming Soon!

Searching for projects

Where can you find your next gem to generate thousands percentage return?

Coming Soon!

Project Analysis

Some characteristics worth looking at, as well as some threats and opportunities.

Coming Soon!

Safe investments rules

No one wants to be scammed and lose all of their money.
How to minimalaize the risk?

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The Cryptoassets Library

Part 5

Student Coin

The core of the Student Coin ecosystem.



The biggest, most iconic, one and only classic cryptocurrency

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The biggest world’s computer, the first smart contract and the biggest utility so far.

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Guess the cryptocurrency logo

Guess token logo and win STC!

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