STC Staking

Stake your STC and receive rewards and airdrops!
The STC Community can power up the STC Ecosystem and STC Token.

Thanks to holding STC Tokens in the STC Wallet, users can earn flexible annual interest in STC Tokens and receive seasonal STC-based token airdrops.

The solution allows long-term investors to benefit from holding STC Tokens. Furthermore, staking is going to be supported by the STC Bank solution.

This platform locks a part of the initial supply of STC-based tokens and guarantees liquidity for STC Tokens holders. 

How it works?

Create your wallet

Create the STC Wallet to store your tokens securely. Creating an account gives you access to many features of the STC Ecosystem.

Stake STC

Use the stake function in STC Wallet. Select the number of tokens you wish to stake. Review all necessary information, not forgetting about DYOR.

Enjoy the benefits

Stacking tokens allow you to increase your token pool gradually. In addition, you have access to airdrops dedicated exclusively to STC Stakers and other extra solutions. You also support the long-term development of your favorite while benefiting from it.

More questions?

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