Introduction to
In this chapter, you will be able to gain general knowledge regarding blockchain technology.
Blockchain Utilities I
The basic features of this unique innovation are presented here. There are more of them than meets the eye.
Blockchain Utilities II
Some advanced features and applications in which blockchain can change the world.
Current Trends in the Crypto Market
The most innovative projects and trends of the 2020 and 2021 in the crypto market.
Student Coin changes the world
The most essential features and advantages of the 1st students' token.
Cryptography and mining
Are miners who require enormous calculating power part of the future?
Coins and tokens
Clarifying some misconceptions and the difference between the two.
Blockchain-based transactions
Why will blockchain technology definitely revolutionise the financial market (and other markets)?
Cryptocurrency exchanges
How do they work? What are the differences between them?
Guess the exchange logo
Can you solve this simple quiz and earn some STC?
Taxes, law and crypto economy
Is the blockchain part of a revolution? It’s as certain as death and taxes. Learn about the major crypto regulations.
Cryptocurrency wallets I
You are not the owner of your crypto as long as you do not have your private key.How does it work and why is it crucial?
wallets II
Further examples why security is necessary.
Scams and Frauds
When you are aware of potential threats, it is much easier to avoid them!
The ultimate security
Can we be fully safe without a centralised organization above? Let's find out!
Test your risk profile
What are the important values of the project? Which features can be a red flag?
Searching for projects
Where can you find your next gem to generate a huge percentage return?
Project Analysis
Some characteristics worth looking at, as well as some threats and opportunities.
Safe investments rules
No one wants to be scammed and lose all of their money.How can we minimise the risk?
the crypto assets library
Student Coin
The core of the Student Coin ecosystem.
The biggest, most iconic, one and only classic cryptocurrency.
The world’s biggest computer, the first smart contract and the biggest utility so far.
XRP is the biggest protocol to integrate banks with blockchain.
Bitcoin Cash
The upgraded copy of Bitcoin with enhanced transaction speed.
The second cryptocurrency referred to as "cyber silver".
The biggest token reflecting the value of 1 USD.
The project working as an oracle between blockchain and outside data sources.
Binance Coin
The token of the biggest crypto asset exchanges, Binance.
The technologically advanced alternative for Ethereum; allowing the implementation of great smart contracts.
The platform allows for redistribution of power from unaccountable structures to the margins to individuals to build software and governing.
Bitcoin SV
The alternative to Bitcoin created by Craig Wright.
The stablecoin reflecting a value of 1 USD; backed by the biggest crypto players.
The platform that’s designed to allow developers to build decentralised apps.
The alternative for Bitcoin with advanced anonymity technology.
Crypto.com Coin
The token of the biggest crypto debit card issuer that allows spending crypto in real life.
The blockchain-based operating system that aims to ensure this technology is suitable for daily use. Operates widely in Asia.
The payment protocol aiming to introduce Stellar as the daily payment currency.
Blockchain network that is based on the establishment of smart contracts with advanced programming.
The Chinese alternative for Ethereum with some upgraded features.
The utility token that’s used across the iFinex ecosystem for exchange, derivatives trading and stablecoin issuance.
Easy, scalable blockchain with advanced technology that allows smart contracts to be established.
This blockchain allows the creation of decentralised apps and contracts in Java.
The packed to USD stablecoin governed by maker and decentralised money management solutions.
Huobi Token
The token of one of the biggest Asian exchanges, Huobi.
This blockchain allows you to decentralise the Internet of Things and daily use devices.
This project allows you to track food and goods in the delivery and production chain.
Binance USD
The stablecoin reflecting a value of 1 USD; backed by the biggest crypto exchange.
The advanced, mineable cryptocurrency designed for payments and value storage.
The decentralised service for video streaming.
The cryptocurrency with advanced anonymity.
The DeFi Governance token awarded for sustaining liquidity at the bigger decentralised crypto asset exchange, Uniswap.

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